Drinking THC - What Medical Marijuana Doctors New Jersey Have to Say

As marijuana-based drinks have hit the market, more consumers are opting for this cannabis consumption method. According to the MD of Brightfield Group Bethany Gomez, the marijuana beverage sector is expected to cross the $1 billion mark by 2025.

THC-based beverages are available at dispensaries, but are they safe for you to consume? What are the important things you should consider before using them? Let’s discuss what medical marijuana doctors New Jersey have to say.

THC-Based Beverages

Marijuana isn’t easy to infuse in drinks. Cannabis compounds such as THC and CBD are fat-soluble. Another liquid product, tinctures are prepared by infusing cannabinoids into alcohol; they are absorbed sublingually or mixed with foods. Edibles are considered a safe alternative to smoking and vaping.

In the United States, mixing alcohol with cannabis is illegal. However, adding any amount of alcohol in marijuana can significantly increase the levels of THC in the blood. In fact, marijuana plus cannabis combination is often detected in car accidents. Moreover, higher levels of THC and 11-OH-THC is linked to increased performance impairment.

What’s more? When THC is combined with coffee, it results in a decrease in neurotransmitters, thus impacting the way THC works in the body.

How Cannabis-Infused Beverages Are Absorbed in The Body?

Cannabis-infused drinks and foods take longer to kick in as compared to other consumption methods. It happens due to the fact that when you drink a beverage containing marijuana, the cannabinoids are processed through the digestive tract, and take longer to reach the bloodstream.

As a result, there are risks of overdose. So, when using edibles, check the dose. For beginners, we suggest starting with a low dose and see the effects on the body and mind.

Moreover, cannabis-based edibles last longer in the body. That’s the reason they are suggested to patients who need lasting effects by medical marijuana doctors in New Jersey.

Before consuming cannabis-infused beverages, you should eat carbohydrate-rich foods. When you take edibles on an empty stomach, cannabis compounds hit harder, thus delivering more intense high effects.

Before You Use Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Firstly, you need to buy the right products. Read the label carefully. Check the levels of THC and other chemical compounds. Ask questions about the therapeutic effects of different products, and buy what suits your medical condition the best.

Before using a cannabis-infused beverage, read the dosing guidelines carefully and follow them. Take lower doses of beverages containing high levels of THC. Remember, taking more can lead to undesirable effects, such as paranoia and an upset stomach. Consult with your doctor to seek professional help for using THC-based drinks.

Covering it up, marijuana-based drinks take longer to deliver their effects because cannabinoids are not directly absorbed in the bloodstream. Dose properly to avoid risks of overdose. Buy the right cannabis-infused beverages by checking the label.

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